Healthcare Is a Human Right – Maryland 2012-13 survey results


Healthcare Is a Human Right – Maryland members conducted a survey of 882 people in 10 Maryland counties from
October 2012 through December 2013. The surveys were administered in a wide range of venues including health
fairs, senior expos, county fairs, educational events, outside public libraries, on boardwalks, and through neighborhood
canvassing. The survey asked people about their access to healthcare, their experiences with the healthcare
system, and their opinions on the state of healthcare in Maryland. The survey sample was not scientific, but the results
are similar to national surveys, cited throughout the report, on the rates of uninsurance and limited access to care.
The results of the survey were combined with testimonies from Maryland residents on their experience with the
healthcare system as well as data from academic literature and advocacy reports, and published in a report: “Voices of
Maryland’s Healthcare Crisis and the Rising Human Rights Movement.”

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