Hospital Closures

Health Care by the Numbers
Updated: May 4, 2020

Nationwide Hospital Closures


Number of nationwide hospital closures in the last five years (2015-2019). [1] 73 of these hospitals were in rural areas and 62 in urban ones. [2] 1


Number of hospitals closed in 2019. 2

At least 12

Number of hospitals closed in the first 3 months of 2020. 3

430 to 557

Number of rural hospitals currently at risk of closure because of lack of funding. [1, 2, 3] 196 are considered especially high risk. [4] 4


Percentage of rural hospitals at high financial risk that are considered “highly essential” to communities [1]. 64% of all rural hospitals are considered “essential” [2]. 5


Number of states in which 100% of high-risk hospitals are considered “highly essential” 6


Number of rural hospitals closed since 2005. 7

Rural Hospitals Closed Since 2005 Source: Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research

Less likelihood of closure if a hospital is located in a state that has expanded Medicaid 8


Rate at which hospital closures accelerated after the Affordable Care Act went into effect (2013-2017, in comparison to all prior five-year periods) 9


Percentage of at-risk hospitals potentially eligible for federal funds under Medicare for All 10

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Lack of Hospital Beds During COVID-19


Projected shortage of hospital beds during the COVID-19 pandemic in a 6-month period 11


Number of hospital beds lost to hospital closures since 2005 in rural areas alone 12

At least 805

Number of hospital beds lost to hospital closures in the first 3 months of 2020 alone 13


Percentage of counties with no ICU beds. These counties are home to 18 million people. 14

Counties with No ICU Beds Source: Kaiser Family Foundation
11 million

Number of people who live in counties with no hospitals 15

8.6 million

Number of people living more than 30 minutes from the nearest hospital. California, Florida, Arizona and Washington each have more than half a million people over 30 minutes away. 16

30 miles from hospital Source: New York Times
9.2 to 2.9

Number of hospital beds for every 1,000 people in 1960 and 2013 17

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Disparities in Geography, Race, Class, Gender


Percentage of rural hospital closures that took place in states that did not expand Medicaid 18


Percentage of rural hospital closures that have taken place in the South 19


Number of rural hospitals at risk in Texas alone (followed by Kansas with 31, Oklahoma with 28, Mississippi with 27, Missouri with 26) 20


Percentage of vulnerable hospitals located in rural areas 21


Increased odds of an emergency department closing for every 10% increase in the Black population 22

5:1 and 8.5:1

Odds of Black-majority census tracts in Los Angeles and Chicago of being located in a trauma center desert relative to White-majority tracts 23


Fraction of the 230 hospitals opened across the country since 2000 opened in wealthier areas 24


Percentage of rural women and transgender people who have to travel more than 30 miles for neonatal care 25


Counties in the U.S. without a known abortion clinic 26

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Health and Economic Impacts

11.7 million

Fewer medical visits that would occur with widespread (673) hospital closures 27


Number of health care and community jobs that would be lost to widespread rural hospital closures 28

$277 billion

Loss in GDP over 10 years due to projected widespread hospital closures 29


Difference in mortality rates between rural and urban areas (2015) 30


Rate at which the difference in mortality between rural and urban areas has increased over the last fifteen years (18% mortality disparity in 2015, up from 6% in 2000) 31


Average decline in a county’s per-capita income when its only hospital shuts down 32

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Hospital Ownership, Profitability and Closures

4 in 10

Portion of rural hospitals considered unprofitable 33


Odds of a for-profit rural hospital being in financial distress relative to a non-profit hospital 34


Percentage increase in the share of hospitals owned by for-profit companies from 1999 to 2018 35


Percentage of hospital revenue paid by Medicare and Medicaid (59.3%) 36


Percentage of hospital revenue paid by private payers 37


Hospitals’ average profit margin (2016) 38

Hospitals Average Profit Margin Source: Source: Center for American Progress
$8-24 million

Amount the State of Pennsylvania will pay private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management to keep Easton Hospital open for three months Cerberus threatened closure on March 27 in the midst of the pandemic 39

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