PBIS: Video Release for Day 6 of Week of Action Against School Pushout

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Day 6 of the Dignity in Schools Campaign’s (DSC) Week of Action is centered on school-wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS). PBIS is a framework that states, districts and schools can use to design, implement and evaluate their approach to school discipline. Since every school is unique, PBIS does not prescribe a specific program, but sets out a process for schools to follow and adapt. Under the school-wide PBIS framework, schools:

1) Use data to make decisions and solve problems

2) Model and teach behavior expectations and positive skills

3) Focus on prevention of problem behavior as well as positive interventions such as counseling, mediation, and restorative practices

4) Continuously monitor implementation and adjust as necessary

You can participate in the Week of Action by spreading the word of the PBIS framework to those you know, as well as joining the conversation on the DSC twitter and facebook pages. You can also use the NESRI website as a resource to watch videos for more information on the Dignity in Schools movement.

Additional Resources

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