Restorative Justice: Video Release for Day 5 of National Week of Action Against School Pushout

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On Day 5 of their Week of Action, the Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC) is promoting “Restorative Justice” as an alternative to the harsh and gratituitous disciplinary actions which lead to school pushout. Restorative Justice (also known as Restorative Practices and Transformative Justice) has emerged as a positive solution to school safety. Envisioned as an alternative to deleterious punitive practices, Restorative Justice works to repair the harm caused by misconduct through:

1) Identifying the misconduct and attempting to repair the damage

2) Including all people impacted in the process of responding to conflict

3) Creating a process that promotes healing, reconciliation and the rebuilding of relationships. 

Let others know that there is an alternative to suspensions and arrests by joining the conversation on Restorative Justice via the DSC’s twitter and facebook pages. You can also browse the video resources we have here on the NESRI website.


Additional Resources

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