“Taking Over, Taking Back”: The Fight Against Foreclosure

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Taking Over, Taking Back Trailer from Taking Over, Taking Back on Vimeo.

Last month, the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign celebrated the premiere of a short film that highlights their grassroots activism. Titled “Taking Over, Taking Back,” this sixteen minute documentary features the campaign’s efforts to enforce the human right to housing.

The film focuses on the campaign’s innovative efforts to fight the foreclosure crisis in some of Chicago’s hardest hit neighborhoods. By highlighting the experiences of several families, this documentary shows how the campaign organizes and unites homeowners, tenants, and homeless families to fight foreclosure in stunning and inspiring displays of civil disobedience.

The filmmakers, Jessica Murphy and Elissa Nadworny, have now made a trailer of “Taking Over, Taking Back” available online.

“If we continue to allow homeowners…who are a fixture in their community to be evicted, we too should be held guilty as the banks and the government for allowing such activities to take place.” – Willie “J.R.” Fleming, Founder of Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign


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Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 5.05.39 PM