Toolkit on Organizing to Combat the School-to-Prison Pipeline


This online toolkit available at is designed to support groups organizing to combat the school-to-prison pipeline. It includes interactive workshop ideas, reading lists, links to videos, short yet impactful infographics and one-pagers — all to help you build your arsenal against school push out. By no means is this toolkit all-inclusive, but will hopefully give users a great spring board for discussions and activities that lead to targeted action. Contents are arranged in multiple categories and even cross referenced if applicable to more than one area. We want you to take some time to look around and enjoy the great resources we know you’ll find useful!

This toolkit, produced by the Dignity in Schools Campaign and Professor Mark Warren at the University of Massachusetts Boston, provides resources for organizers, community-based groups, youth, parents, educators and advocates in the movement to stop school pushout and create inclusive and restorative school policies and cultures. The toolkit includes resources to assist groups to build a base of parent, youth and community participants, develop leadership of those most affected by school pushout, conduct participatory action research, educate members about how the school-to-prison pipeline operates, develop campaign strategies for policy change, and create positive and restorative alternatives to punitive school discipline practices. Resources include training manuals and guides, workshop materials, fact sheets, and sample reports, policies and campaign strategies from successful organizing efforts across the country.

Link to Toolkit on Organizing to Combat the School-to-Prison Pipeline