Video: DSC Week of Action 2010


Here is a collection of videos from around the country created during the 1st Annual DSC Week of Action which took place during the week of October 11th-17th, 2010.


DSC – National Week of Action 2010 Campaign Video

The Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC) is a national coalition of parents, students, advocates and educators from around the country united to challenge the systemic problem of pushout in our nation’s schools. The DSC advocates for the human right of every child to a quality education and to be treated with dignity, and promotes local and national alternatives to a culture of zero-tolerance, punishment and removal.

The DSC is organizing actions around the country during the week of October 11-17, 2010 to expose the pushout crisis and to engage people in the fight for the human right to education.


National Week of Action – Philadelphia, PA

In Philadelphia, actions were hosted by Community Responses to Zero Tolerance and the Alliance for Educational Justice (AEJ) for the Dignity in Schools National Week of Action.


National Week Of Action – Chicago, IL

Youth leaders in Chicago are fighting to end school pushout and implement restorative justice in their schools.  During the Week of Action, organizations including Blocks Together Youth Council, Project Nia, Southwest Youth Collaborative and others organized trainings, panels and roundtable discussions on pushout.


National Week of Action – Mississippi

In Itta Bena, the Mississippi Dela Catalyst Roundtable, together with Southern Echo and Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU), hosted a major Week of Action Event to focus on the implications of compulsory school district consolidation for school pushout.


Justice Denied – Georgia (National Week of Action)

A video by Gwinnett STOPP, Atlanta Community Engagement Team, Interfaith Children’s Movement, ACLU of Georgia and Georgia State Conference NAACP with interviews highlighting the school pushout crisis throughout the State.


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