Join the May Day Call for International Workers’ Rights!


Today, May 1st, in celebrating May Day we join the call for worker protections!

In the U.S., May Day, or International Workers’ Day, commemorates the struggles of movements led by low-wage, often immigrant, workers. Their demands for 8-hour workdays, on-the-job safety regulations, among more that were once thought of as radical, laid the foundation for the modern labor movement. Today and always, we uplift the workers leading the fight to end worker exploitation and remember the long history of sacrifices made to sustain labor victories

In the present day and just one week after the anniversary of the Rana Plaza garment-factory collapse, worker’s rights abuses remain at the forefront of our minds. We stand with workers who know these tragedies are preventable when we champion worker-driven solutions and corporate accountability.

For over 20 years Partners for Dignity & Rights has worked alongside these front-line communities. Through the Worker-driven Social Responsibility (WSR) Network, we provide direct capacity-building for low-wage worker organizations to win meaningful protections and transform the workplaces of millions of people around the world through worker-powered enforcement.

In the spirit of May Day we renew our commitment to the principle that workers’ rights are human rights! Join us in making our vision of dignity and rights for all working people a reality.